Veterans Memorial


On May 30, 2010 the Veterans Memorial in Lebanon Township Memorial Park was dedicated with many Veterans and dignitaries in attendance. The Richard Cudina Memorial Fund and a gift from a local citizen gave us this opportunity to honor our soldiers, past and present, to hopefully reconnect us with our Veterans and put “Memorial” back into the purpose for Memorial Day.

The atrocities of September 11th will never be forgotten, not only in the hearts of those that lost loved ones on that tragic day, but in the collective memory of the American experience and the human experience worldwide. as we remember that day, we are also quickly reminded of the other events and lost lives that have shaped the United States. It is not luck that has defined us, but the dedication and valor of the men and women of the United States Armed Services.

It is these visions of heroism that the members of the Richard Cudina Memorial Committee in concord with the local community wish to honor with this veterans memorial. In honoring these men, women and events, visitors here will learn about sacrifice and nobility, here they will experience the importance of peace and remembrance, and here they will experience the true spirit of a community that embraces its own forever.

Since our fight for independence more than a million American soldiers have lost their lives to give us all the opportunity to choose they way we want to live. We hope this gift to our veterans and our community will express our appreciation.

The Memorial includes a walkway (Veterans/Heroes walk) made of pavers which we hope will hold the names of many of our Veterans, past and present. The order forms to include a family member or friend can be downloaded here from this website.

You are invited to view a photo gallery of this event.